The International Conference on Neutrino and Nuclear Physics 2020 (CNNP2020) will be held in the Kogelberg Biosphere near Cape Town (South Africa) from 24-28 February 2020 and will be hosted by iThemba LABS. The Kogelberg Biosphere is internationally famed for its natural beauty and biodiversity, and is within an hours drive from Cape Town.

The main objective of the Conference on Neutrino and Nuclear Physics (CNNP) is to promote collaboration between scientists from the fields of nuclear, neutrino, astro and dark-matter physics, and to create an environment where experiments and theories in which nuclear physics aspects are particularly relevant can be discussed. A preliminary list of the topics to be discussed during the Conference is provided below:

    Nuclear double beta decays
    Nuclear structure in connection with neutrino physics
    Nuclear reactions as a probe for weak decays
    Neutrino-nucleus interaction at low and high energy
    Supernova models and detection of supernova neutrinos
    Solar models and detection of solar neutrinos
    Direct and indirect dark-matter searches
    Rare beta decays of nuclei for neutrino-mass measurements
    Neutrino oscillations and matter effects
    Anomalies in reactor neutrinos
    New related detection technologies

The very successful inaugural CNNP conference was held in Catania in October 2017. CNNP2020 will be the second conference in the series and aims to build upon the foundation of CNNP2017 to bring together people working at the intersections of different fields to exchange ideas and results.


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