23-28 February 2020
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Neutrinos from CCSN and the contribution of nuclear experiments

24 Feb 2020, 16:10
Main Venue

Main Venue

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Francesca Gulminelli (LPC Caen and University of Caen, France)


The impact of different microphysics inputs on the dynamics of core collapse
during infall and early post-bounce is studied performing spherically symmetric simulations in general relativity using a multigroup scheme for neutrino transport and full nuclear distributions in extended nuclear statistical equilibrium models.
We show that the individual EC rates are the most important source of uncertainty in the simulations, and establish a list of the most important nuclei to be studied in order to constrain the global rates.
The effect on the collapse dynamics and neutrino luminosity is studied.

Primary author

Francesca Gulminelli (LPC Caen and University of Caen, France)


Dr Micaela Oertel (LUTH-Meudon) Dr Anthea Fantina (GANIL) Mr Aurelien Pascal (LUTH Meudon) Dr Jerome Novak (LUTH Meudon) Dr Adriana Raduta (IFIN Bucarest)

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