First Pan-African Astro-Particle and Collider Physics Workshop

from Monday, 21 March 2022 (07:00) to Friday, 30 September 2022 (20:00)

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21 Mar 2022
22 Mar 2022
23 Mar 2022
Plenary Session I - Markus Boettcher (North-West University) (until 12:00) ()
09:00 Introduction - Prof. Bruce Mellado-Garcia (iThemba LABS, Wits) Prof. Yahya Tayalati (Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Rabat)   ()
09:05 Welcome from the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation of Morocco - Prof. Mohammed Tahiri (Department of Higher Education of Morocco)   ()
09:15 Welcome from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of South Africa - Prof. Yonah Seleti (Department of Science and Innovation of South Africa)   ()
09:25 Welcome from the Network of African Science Academies - Prof. Norbert Hounkonnou (Network of African Science Academies)   ()
09:30 The discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC - Prof. Tejinder Virdee (Imperial College London)   ()
10:00 Dark matter in the Universe - Prof. Francoise Combes (Collège de France et Observatoire de Paris)   ()
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 Neutrinos and the Invisible Universe - Prof. Belen Gavela (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and IFT-UAM/CSIC)   ()
11:30 HyperK status and prospects - Prof. Francesca Di Lodovico (King's College London )   ()
Plenary Session II -Prof. Rajaa Cherkaoui El Moursli (Mohammed V University in Rabat) (until 12:30) ()
09:00 Formation and the Evolution of Large-Scale Structure in the Universe - Prof. Jeltema Tesla (University of California, Santa Cruz)   ()
09:30 Searching for Dark Matter Scattering, on Earth and in the Stars - Prof. Nicole Bell (University of Melbourne)   ()
10:00 Indirect DM search and Physics Beyond the Standard Model - Prof. Gabrijela Zaharijas (Center for Astrophysics and Cosmology University of Nova Gorica)   ()
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 Physics beyond the Standard Model - Prof. Abdelhak Djouadi (University of Granada, Spain)   ()
11:30 Extended Scalar Sectors and new Physics Beyond the Standard Model - Prof. Rachid Benbrik (Cadi Ayyad University)   ()
12:00 Anomalies in Particle Physics - Prof. Andreas Crivellin (PSI and University of Zurich)   ()
Plenary Session III -Prof. Soebur Razzaque (University of Johannesburg) (until 12:30) ()
09:00 A theoretical review of astroparticles - Prof. Stefano Profumo (University of California, Santa Cruz)   ()
09:30 Future Colliders - Prof. Yaquan Fang (Institute of High Energy Physics) Prof. Xinchou Lou (Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing)   ()
10:15 --- Coffee Break ---
10:45 Search for Dark Matter with the ATLAS detector at the LHC - Prof. Rachid Mazini (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica Taiwan)   ()
11:15 Optical observations of gamma-ray binaries with SALT - Prof. Brian van Soelen (University of the Free State)   ()
11:45 Multi-messenger Astronomy with high-energy Neutrinos - Prof. Anna Franckowiak (Ruhr-University Bochum)   ()
12:15 Very-high-energy neutrino production in jetted active galactic nuclei - Markus Boettcher (North-West University)   ()
Virtual visit of the CMS experiment -Dr Shimaa AbuZeid (Ain Shams University and INFN) (until 13:30) ()
Virtual Visit of the ATLAS experiment - Hassnae El Jarrari (Universite Mohammed V (MA)) Rachid Mazini (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica Taiwan) (until 14:30) ()
Parallel Session I, Astro-Particle -Prof. Hassan Abdalla (Omdurman Islamic University) Prof. Claudio Paulo (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane) (until 18:00) ()
14:30 T2K Status and Plans - Neil McCauley (University of Liverpool)   ()
14:45 KM3NeT: Status and perspectives for neutrino astronomy from the MeV to the PeV - Andrew Chen (University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
15:00 Correlation between IceCube neutrinos and X-ray flaring blazars - Quentin King (Bishop Watterson High School) Timothy Govenor (Bishop Watterson High School) Matthew Fu (Bishop Watterson High School)   ()
15:15 Searching for new physics during gravitational waves propagation - Leïla Haegel (APC Laboratory (Uni.Paris / CNRS))   ()
15:30 Search for Magnetic Monopoles with ten years of ANTARES data - Jihad Boumaaza (University Mohamed V in Rabat)   ()
15:45 Search for nuclearites in nine years of ANTARES data - Mohammed Bouta (Mohamed First University in Oujda)   ()
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
16:30 Solar constraints on captured electrophilic dark matter - Debajit Bose (IIT Kharagpur)   ()
16:45 Thermal production of early dark matter from van der Waals fluid - Dr M. Bousder (MOHAMMED V UNIVERSITY IN RABAT)   ()
17:00 Deflection angle of light rays by accelerating black holes with cosmological constant - Hajar BELMAHI (University Mohammed V)   ()
17:15 Dark Matter Direct and Indirect Detection - houria cherief (phd student)   ()
17:30 Thermodynamic of black holes in a cavity from shadow formalism - Dr Mohamed BENALI (Département de Physique, Equipe des Sciences de la matière et du rayonnement, ESMaR)   ()
17:45 MeerKAT and dark matter - Geoff Beck (University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
Parallel Session II -Prof. Abdesslam Arhrib (Université Abdelmalek Essaadi, FSTT, B. 416, Tangier, Morocco) Prof. Abdelilah Moussa (University Mohamed I Oujda) (until 18:25) ()
14:30 Big Science for National and Regional Unity - Nadir Hashim (Kenyatta University)   ()
14:55 Overview on laser-assisted decay processes - Mohamed JAKHA (Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Polydisciplinary Faculty, Beni Mellal, Morocco)   ()
15:10 Laser-assisted processes beyond the standard model - Mr Mohamed OUHAMMOU (sultan moulay slimane university)   ()
15:25 Influence of the laser field on electron muon neutrino processus - Mrs sabrine el asri (sultan molay slimane beni mellal)   ()
15:40 On 6D N=(1,0) Supergravity - Rajae Sammani (LPHE-MS, Science faculty, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.)   ()
15:55 Asymptotic Grand Unification - Dr Mohammed Omer Khojali (Department of Physics, University of Johannesburg, PO Box 524, Auckland Park 2006, South Africa)   ()
16:10 --- Coffee Break ---
16:40 Tensor Network Theory - Youssef EL MAADI (Mohammed V University in Rabat)   ()
16:55 Flavor changing neutral current in the flipped 341 model - Meriem Djouala (Laboratoire de physique Mathématiques et Subatomique, Frères Mentouri university Constantine 1-Algeria)   ()
17:10 Modular Flavour Symmetries in magnetized toroidal orbifolds - Mohamad Amegroud (LPHE-Modeling and Simulation, Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco.)   ()
17:25 Scattering amplitude and its soft decomposition - Dr Andriniaina Narindra Rasoanaivo (Ecole Normale Supérieure Université d'Antananarivo)   ()
17:40 $T_{QQ}$ -like states from QCD Laplace sum rules and Double ratio of sum rules - Davidson Rabetiarivony (Institute of High Energy Physics of Madagascar, University of Antananarivo)   ()
17:55 On the quantum geometry of gravity - Mr Fanomezantsoa RAZAFIMAHATRATRA (University of Antananarivo)   ()
18:10 NLO Scattering in ϕ^4 Theory Finite System Size Correction - Mr Jean Du Plessis (Stellenbosch University)   ()
Parallel Session III, Astro-Particle - Andrew Chen (University of the Witwatersrand) Prof. Mourad Telmini (University of Tunis El Manar) (until 18:00) ()
14:00 Lorentz Invariance Violation tests in astroparticle physics - Hassan Abdalla (Omdurman Islamic University - Sudan)   ()
14:15 The lambda hyperon and the hyperon puzzle - Wazha German   ()
14:30 Thermodynamics of magnetised dense neutron-rich matter - Dr Jacobus Diener (Botswana International University of Science and Technology)   ()
14:45 Thermodynamic analysis of the BTZ black hole in f(R) gravity - Asmaa Shalaby (Benha University)   ()
15:00 ALP-Photon interaction in magnetized environment of a compact star - Ankur Chaubey (Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India)   ()
15:15 Exploring the Impact of Magnetic field on Core-Collapse Supernova Neutrino Light Curves Detection. - Meriem Bendahman (Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Rabat - Laboratoire Astroparticules et Cosmologie, Université de Paris, Paris)   ()
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
16:00 Study of muon-induced background in Double Chooz neutrino oscillation experiment. - Dr Kenny KALE SAYI   ()
16:15 Probing 2HDM+S with MeerKAT Galaxy Cluster Legacy Survey data - Natasha Lavis (University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
16:45 A Study to the Mass Effect due to Variation of Particle Type on the Femtoscopic Correlation Using Therminator2 Event Generator - Mr Muhammad Ibrahim Abdulhamid Elsayed (Faculty of Science, Tanta University)   ()
17:00 Recoil Kinematics in Radiative Energy Loss - Antonio Renecle (University of Cape Town)   ()
17:15 Azimuthal decorrelation between jets at all orders in QCD hard processes - Hana Benslama (university of Batna1)   ()
17:30 Are Jets Narrowed or Broadened in e+A SIDIS? - Will Horowitz (University of Cape Town)   ()
Parallel Session IV, Collider -Prof. Rachid Benbrik (Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech) Dr Shoaib Munir (East African institute for Fundamental Research (EAIFR, Kigali)) (until 18:00) ()
14:00 Light charged Higgs boson in $H^\pm h$ associated production at the LHC - Mohamed Krab (Sultan Moulay Slimane University)   ()
14:15 New charged Higgs boson discovery channel at the LHC - Mohammed Boukidi (Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech)   ()
14:30 Full next-to-leading-order corrections to the Higgs strahlung process from electron–positron collisions in the Inert Higgs Doublet Model - hamza abouabid (Université AbdelMalek Essaadi, Tangier, Morocco)   ()
14:45 Neutrino masses in the left right symmetric model - Mustapha OUCHEN (Mohammed V UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Science RABAT)   ()
15:00 Leptogenesis, fermion masses and mixings in a flavored SUSY SU(5) GUT - Dr Mohamed Amin Loualidi (LPHE-MS, Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University in Rabat)   ()
15:15 On 't Hooft lines and Lax operators of $SO_{2N}$ type - Ms Youssra Boujakhrout (LPHE-MS, Science Faculty, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco)   ()
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
16:00 Weinberg's factor from helicity constraint - Fanomezantsoa Arlivah ANDRIANTSARAFARA   ()
16:15 the Mu2e experiment - fabio happacher (infn)   ()
16:30 The Production of a Singlet Scalar at Future e+ e- Colliders - Mr Anza-Tshilidzi Mulaudzi   ()
16:45 Explaining a class of multi-lepton excesses at the LHC with a heavy pseudo-scalar of a 2HDM+$S$ model - Dr Abhaya Kumar Swain (School of Physics and Institute for Collider Particle Physics, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Wits 2050, South Africa.)   ()
17:00 Searches for new physics using the top-quark pair invariant mass distribution in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV - Souad Batlamous   ()
17:15 The comparison study of the ratio between $t\overline{t}\gamma$ and $t\overline{t}$ in the $e\mu$ channel at 13 TeV using the ATLAS detector - Thuso Mathaha (University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
17:30 Jet substructure and boosted top quark jet tagging - Azzeddine Benhamida (University of Oran 1 Ahmed ben bella)   ()
17:45 Measurements of W boson properties at √s = 5 and 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC. - hicham atmani   ()
Parallel Session V, Collider - Experiment - Nadir Hashim (Kenyatta University) Shimaa AbuZeid (Ain Shams University - Egypt and INFN) (until 18:25) ()
14:00 Search for Higgs boson pair production in the two bottom quarks plus two photons final state in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector - Mohamed Belfkir (UAEU)   ()
14:15 Higgs CP measurement with EFT model in lepton collider - qiyu sha (中国科学院高能物理研究所)   ()
14:30 Dark photon searches with the ATLAS detector at the LHC - Hassnae El Jarrari (Universite Mohammed V (MA))   ()
14:45 CP-even Heavy Higgs boson at HL-LHC - Ms Aya I. Beshr (Physics Department, Faculty of Women for Arts, Science and Education, Ain Shams University, Heliopolis, Cairo 11757, Egypt)   ()
15:00 Charged Higgs boson production via pp → H ± bj at the LHC - Mohamed Ouchemhou (Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, Morocco.)   ()
15:15 The off-shell Higgs production and measurement of its decay width with the ATLAS experiment - Mr Abdualazem Mohammed (University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
15:30 Minimum bias simulation of parasitic collisions - Prof. Driss Benchekroun Sanae Ezzarqtouni (Universite Hassan II, Ain Chock (MA))   ()
15:45 --- Coffee Break ---
16:15 The Spin Physics Detector at NICA - Dr Reham El-Kholy (Astronomy Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza 12613, Egypt)   ()
16:30 Higgs boson couplings at muon collider - Laura Buonincontri   ()
16:45 The search for resonances with topological requirements with the Zγ final state at the LHC - Nalamotse Joshua Choma (Wits University)   ()
17:00 The Use of a Variational Autoencoder in the Search for Resonances at the LHC - Finn Stevenson (University of the Witwatersrand, CERN)   ()
17:15 Searches for heavy scalar resonance through hadronic jet reconstruction at electron-proton colliders - Elias Malwa (University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
17:30 The use of GANs in the search for new resonances at the LHC using semi-supervised machine learning techniques - Benjamin Lieberman (University of Witwatersrand)   ()
17:45 Search for Higgs boson pair production in the bbWW* channel with the ATLAS detector - Mourad Hidaoui (Ibn-Tofail University Faculty of Sciences (MA))   ()
Parallel Session VI, Instrumentation - Betty Kibirige (University of Zululand) Prof. Mohamed Gouighri (Ibn Tofail University) (until 18:10) ()
14:00 A New Monte-Carlo Code System for Particles Transport - Prof. mourad fouka   ()
14:15 The Fast Simulation Chain in the ATLAS experiment - Mr Brahim Aitbenchikh (Universite Hassan II, Ain Chock (MA))   ()
14:30 Simulation of Monte-Carlo events at the LHC using a Generative model based on Kernel Density Estimation - Mrs Nidhi Tripathi (School of Physics, Institute for Collider Particle Physics, University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
14:45 Upgrades of the ATLAS muon spectrometer with new small-diameter drift tube chambers - Ali El Moussaouy (Universite Hassan II, Ain Chock (MA))   ()
15:00 The ATLAS Inner Detector trigger design and performance during Run 2 data taking from the 13 TeV LHC collisions - Soufiane Zerradi (Hassan II university, faculty of science Ain Chock)   ()
15:15 Response of gap/crack scintillators of the Tile Calorimeter of the ATLAS detector to isolated muons from $W\rightarrow \mu\nu$ events. - Phuti Rapheeha (Wits University)   ()
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
16:00 Simulation of CMS resistive plate chamber (RPC) performance under different conditions - Ms Tahany Abdelhameid (physics Department, Faculty of Science, Helwan University)   ()
16:15 The development of Strontium-90 Tile scanning table for TileCal at the ATLAS experiment - Gaogalalwe Mokgatitswane (University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
16:30 Extraction and analysis of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Low Voltage Power Supplies Temperature Data - Lungisani Phakathi (UNIZULU & iThemba Lab)   ()
16:40 Extracting and Analysing Data from Detector Control Systems at ATLAS Experiment for Bad Channelling of High Voltage and Low Voltage Power Supplies. - Sanele Scelo Sanele   ()
16:50 A Burn-in test station for the ATLAS Phase-IITile-calorimeter low-voltage power supply transformer-coupled buck converters - Ryan Mckenzie (University Of the Witwatersrand)   ()
17:05 Single Event Effects qualification of candidate components for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Phase-II Upgrade Low Voltage power supply Bricks - Mr Edward Nkadimeng (University of the Witwatersrand)   ()
17:20 The geometry description of High Granularity Timing Detector with XML-based format - Selaiman Ridouani (University Mohammed First in Oujda)   ()
17:35 Detector performance and physics reach of at Muon Collider - Chiara Aimè (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Università di Pavia)   ()
17:50 Thermal Performance of Developed Carbon Nanotubes and Nanospheres Based Thermal Interface Materials for Heat Dissipation Applications. - Edward Nkadimeng (University of the Witwatersrand) Othmane Mouane (University of Witwatersrand)   ()